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Baby Daddy

by Jannie Johnston February 10, 2014

The T.C. Williams KeepIt360 Club is holding an event on Wednesday, February 12th, where we will watch and discuss “webisodes” from the popular T.V. series, “Baby Daddy.” These three to four minute webisodes, along with the normal length episodes, provide important discussion points about the consequences of unprotected sex, the proper use of contraceptives, and the responsibilities needed to have sex. All of these ideas may seem like “taboo” topics, because they can be uncomfortable to talk about. However, “Baby Daddy” takes this information and presents it in a more casual, relaxed, and comedic setting, allowing the audience to learn about important lessons while being entertained.  These webisodes will provide the basis for the discussions at our event, which will take place Wednesday, February 12 in the T.C. Williams Library Loft.